Why making a website playful?

With the democratization of web design, the widespread adoption of best practices, and the ubiquity of web trends, many organizations opt for standardized, optimized, and simple websites. These pages look familiar to users and guide them through a traditional conversion funnel. Nothing wrong with this approach: the majority of our projects follow to this structure and achieve good performance.

However, this isn’t the only successful way. When TV commercials became too pervasive and frequent, the importance of creativity soared, leading to an increase in guerrilla marketing tactics and advertisements that were funny and surprising. The same principle applies to web communication. The benefits of a creative website go beyond just making it memorable: design decisions should also be informed by data. Let’s explore the metrics that support the choice of a funky and playful web page.

1: Time spent on site

A unique website design can captivate potential customers, keeping them on the site longer as they explore the website and playing around. This engagement not only makes sales more likely, but also heavily increases website performance such as time spent and sessions per user, which can improve the SEO.

2: Share potential

As you know, SEO relies on inbound links and visitors’ performance. How often do you think people will spontaneously share your website with their friends? If your website contains an interesting animation or user interaction, people will feel keen on sharing it. Not only: designers will save your website as a reference, websites contests might award it for creativity generating extra traffic and free links. All of this without asking for any of it like your competitors will have to do. 

3: Lower bounce rate

Playful elements can significantly reduce bounce rates. When users are entertained and engaged from the moment they land on your site, they’re more likely to explore further instead of leaving. Analytics tools can track bounce rates, showing the effectiveness of various interactive features in keeping visitors on the site.

4: Returning visitors

Data shows that websites offering a unique and enjoyable user experience have higher return visit rates. By providing a memorable experience that stands out, you encourage users to come back, which can be crucial for building a loyal customer base. This will be noticed by search algorithms and will award your website with a better ranking. 

To wrap it up, let’s not brush aside the massive branding power of having a unique and amusing website. In a sea of increasingly standardized sites, thanks to the easy and cheap access to pre-made templates, offering an engaging user experience can really make your brand stick in people’s minds. It’s about giving your potential clients a great time, so they’ll remember you and be way more open to hearing what you have to say.

Did this make you feel like you want to give this strategy a try? 
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