The careers team at Shell Global needed to launch, localize, and roll-out their website in over 100 countries. The goal of the project was to improve the user journey and ultimately increase conversions while ensuring site visitors were able to easily access the information they need. The project involved a deep understanding of digital analytics, project management, and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) while directing the development team.

A thorough analysis of the existing website’s design, flow, and user experience via both statistical and communications standpoints led to insights which informed the restructuring of the site. Localization in 100+ countries added significant complexity, as users in different locations displayed different behaviors which needed to be reflected in the new designs.

The first stage of the project involved analyzing a substantial volume of data gathered over several years, with the goal of extracting valuable insights and information. This phase yielded important learning points, which were carefully considered in the design of the new website structure. Tests were also conducted to ensure that the new structure met the project’s requirements.

In the second stage, the focus shifted to the rollout of the website. This stage presented a number of challenges due to the varying needs and objectives of the countries involved, as well as differences in language requirements and programs. Despite these complexities, the rollout was successfully executed.



Within two months working on the role, Gianluca took up the responsibility to work on planning a global rollout of the website transformation project, spanning over 100 websites. In this regard, we worked closely together, and it was an absolute delight!