Branding done different

Don’t choose between creativity and performance

At Figuro, we’re not your ordinary branding agency. We fuse creative design with the critical elements of marketing, business, sales and analytics to build brands that don’t just look good—they perform. Our mantra? Design with purpose, brand for performance.
We are a collective of designers led by Gianluca Ariello, Designer and former Marketing Manager in several international companies. He will personally follow your project and bring your ideas to the market. Want to have a chat?

Our process​

Brand exploration / diagnosis

This is a critical first step in any branding project, and the foundation for strategic development. We guide you in one or more discover sessions where we dive into the brand’s identity, values, and history, and customer personas through different exercises. We gather a broad spectrum of insights and create a brand architecture, plan and positioning. 

Creating / restyling your brand

In this phase, we align your brand’s core values with its visual and verbal expression, ensuring it stands out and resonates with your audience. We will find the most optimal way to communicate your brand’s message and engage your audience. We work on your visual identity, website, we create a brand plan and set everything for the strategy. 


Now that the brand is defined, we can shape it. We will work on campaigns, tactics, communication, advertising, and everything else that will be needed in your specific case. 

Working with Figuro

Collaborating with Figuro goes beyond just delivering services. We believe in partnership and co-creation. Our approach is always customized, tailored to your unique needs and challenges. Together, we’ll put your brand on the map—stronger, wiser, and ready for the future.

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